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Peter Duston – Head Associate

Peter has over 40 years of experience working with adolescents and young adults. He has been a private school history teacher, dorm parent, coach and college counselor. He was instrumental in developing the Dublin School program for student substance assistance based on prevention/early intervention  and introduced the program to other schools, public and private. Peter has served as a community college dean, university admissions asstant director, and senior instructor at West Point where he retired from 30 years of reserve army experience. He is active in the 12 step recovery program and with wife, Alice, has mentored many young people in need.  He established DK Associates in 1992 with Hitomi Kawasaki to originally serve international students. In 2007, he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail as “Talker Man.” He speaks Russian and German.


Erika Yates – Associate

Erika has been an associate since 2002 and has housed and mentored dozens of suspended students guiding them with her insights into adolescent maturation. Erika has mentored many parents of these students with her skills as a parent coach. Erika earned an honors degree from University of Maine at Machias in pre-allied health professions. She is a combat flight medic with the Army National Guard with the eventual career goal of physician’s assistant. An avid swimmer and outdoors person, Erika is trained in back country first response and has taken suspended students on hikes and nature outings. 

Gouldsboro Clinic and the Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth, Maine provide de-tox and referral protocols for substance and mental health crises.  We make referrals as appropriate in consultaion with the families.  


Terrie Hardwick Sinclair– Case Manager Associate

Terrie earned a BA in Mental Health and Human Services with undergraduate certificates in Chemical Dependency Counseling from the University of Maine/Augusta. Terrie will tell you that she learned about adolescence and substance abuse the hard way with her long-time involvement in 12 step recovery. Terrie has considerable experience working as a former licensed substance abuse counselor with youth and adults specializing in group therapy. She also has had years of experience caring for elderly and disabled adults. Now a farmer with her partner, she works one-on-one with suspended and dismissed students in an outdoor or informal setting bringing substance abuse advising literally down to earth. Terrie has a basic understanding of American Sign Language.


Alice Duston

Alice has been a public and private school teacher in French - she holds certificates from the Sorbonne in Paris. While a boarding school dorm parent, Alice served as “Mom” for a number of years to the school, established an ESL program and easily makes a supportive and caring connection with students. As a care provider for adults with developmental disabilities, Alice has earned a remarkable reputation for providing quality of life by “empowering” to individuals who had little chance in life. She knows how to encourage young people and has been a DK principal for almost 20 years, housing, monitoring and guiding dozens and dozens of our client students.


Clyde Merrill – Community Service and “Work” Coach

Clyde has been running a weekly teen chem-free dance for the past 6 years,  keeping between 60 and 120 kids safely off the streets on dangerous Friday nights.  As “DJ” Clyde, he has had a powerful and positive influence over many local adolescents and young adults with the message that “clean and sober” is worth it.  Clyde is originally from Howland, ME and a self-described graduate of the School of Hard Knocks.  WE ARE SAD TO ANNOUCE THAT "DJ" CLYDE HAS PASSED AWAY AND WE WILL SORELY MISS HIM.

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