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Names and identifications have been altered to protect confidentiality!

Dear Pete,

"Just wanted to thank you so much for hosting me in your home and guiding me through my time in Maine. Hopefully, I'll see you again some day. I'll remember you as the cool old guy that saved my life."

P. (student)


"Thank you for everything. I came here worrying about everything. It almost seemed like my world was falling apart. However, you again guided me to the right place. Again, I thank you for being my mentor man...."

T. (student)

"Thanks for all the hard work you did with A. and coming out to see us. We really appreciate the dedication to the youth you work with..."

J. (a therapist in UT)

"Thank you so much for providing Chao such a warm/friendly educational program."

T. (consultant)

Hi Pete,

"Many thanks for your assistance with Pedro. We really appreciate knowing that he was in caring hands....."

R. (dean of students)

"I wanted to say "thank you" for all the lessons you have taught R. this past year while he was in Maine. We don't know what we would have done had we not found you in the spring when R. was expelled from the ....School.  You were able to take a very difficult situation and move forward to make things positive.  I personally can never thank you enough for your care and your talents. Your work with R. and with our family made a life changing experience for our family. Please tell Erika, she was a huge help as well. Please stay in touch. Your work and care will always be remembered." 

K. (a mother)

"I am so glad to have met you. You have given me not only hope, but also a direction that I clearly didn't have before...thank you.thank you.thank you!"

P. (a mother)

" I am so thrilled to hear the news about J.  I am so proud of her!  I knew she had it in her and I knew Peter could bring it out of her. He has worked with so many struggling kids and always finds the light in them....and for J. to find her calling and her future is just incredible...."   (A headmaster writing to a mother)

" ...I have learned and you have taught a lot. You are my true mentor, Peter, because of your great personality and your kindness.  I could open up my mind and could tell and share everything with you.  It was great staying with you....Next time I'll come back without suspension!  Thank you very much for what you have done for me." (a student)

" To pay you back for all you've done would take a huge amount. A million dollars wouldn't make a dent in our account!...Thank you Peter for all that you have done for me in the past year, Love, W."  (a student)

" Dear Alice and Peter:    I was very upset that S. was not able to stay at the ...School. I was her second high school....I now feel that God was watching over her and it was a true blessing that she came to live with you in Cherryfield.  It was wonderful for S. to be in a family setting....I know S's behavior could be challenging at times and I appreciate that you hung in there with her and kept believing in her. S. had to work through her difficulties that arose rather than just bolting when she felt uncomfortable and this is an important life lesson....I want to thank you both  for your patience, your skill and your love in helping S. during these last several months and I hope we will stay in touch. Love"  (a mother)



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