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If the student is dismissed from his/her school, DK will pick up that student on short notice, transport the student to Cherryfield and provide appropriate supervision pending repatriation overseas, transport back home or new placement in another school or therapeutic program. DK’s team is available to assess, evaluate, and provide support services to the school, student, and family during what can be a very difficult and stressful time when students are dismissed. Typically dismissals are for:

  • Accumulations of school rules violations or failure to make academic progress.
  • A major school violation such as drug or alcohol use.
  • Fighting or assault that may or may not have legal consequences.
  • Behavioral issues such as oppositional or defiant behavior towards parents and school officials.
  • Bullying, either face-to-face or Internet based.

Often, the behavior has been evident before the student enrolled at the current school and there is a paper trail of psychological and educational evaluations.  The current placement  may typically have been  an attempt to gain a fresh start for the student , a geographic transfer that didn’t work. Occasionally, there are behavioral issues that were not recognized previously due to parent or school denial or may have been exacerbated by family trauma – divorce, crime, relocation, substance abuse, revealed abuse or domestic violence. DK uses a team approach to evaluate the student’s needs, provide support, encouragement and recommendations for the next step. Placements may be as follows dependent upon the student’s needs, time of the school year and availability of program “slots”:

  • Another boarding school for a fresh start.
  • A specialty boarding school with enhanced counseling, structure and family component.
  • An intervention 6-8 week program usually based on academic, outdoor adventure and therapy.
  • A full “wilderness” program based on serious outdoor physical challenge partnered with a strong therapeutic component – generally 8-10 weeks.
  • A Therapeutic boarding school with enhanced structure and therapy – usually 12 – 18 months dependent upon age, academic and therapeutic needs.
  • A full residential treatment program (RTC) for serious substance and behavioral issues.

Some placements may include a combination of the above, if so needed.

One of the students caring for a little pig.
A student getting some help from his teacher.

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